🇧🇷 A vibrant tee designed exclusively for the rad community of Skate, Surf, and Art enthusiasts in Praia dos Amores, Santa Catarina, Brazil: Largados & Confusos! 🌊

🎨 Design & Illustration: the latest tee embodies this community's laid-back coastal lifestyle and artistic spirit. The artwork is a tribute to our local talent, Camila Leal, a passionate singer and dreamer from the sunny shores of Santa Catarina. 🎤🌅

🚀 Supporting Local Talent: This summer collection isn't just about fashion and supporting dreams. All proceeds from the sales will go towards funding the music video for Camila Leal, capturing the essence of her life filled with music, waves, skates, and friends. 🎶🌊

Picture of Camila Leal (@amaisleal) with her skate teacher, Guilherme Bodinstein Miranda (bodsteinmiranda), and Lucas Sampaio from Largados & Confusos community, at Praia dos Amores, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Preview Flyer at (@largadoseconfusos) House

Illustration video @magrindesign

Thank you :)


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Largados & Confusos + Camila leal

Upcoming Latin summer collection – a vibrant tee designed exclusively for the rad Skate, Surf, and Music community.