Original Brand concept, Logo and Illustrations for: FESMONTE - Tradition, Gastronomy and Music Festival. The community meets together on a great show of traditional and economic resources of the region. During five days, the visitors are invited to try the best tastes of our neighbourhoods and make the best business deals. The three stages were designed to provide good family entertainment with the best music artists. An all night long event couldn´t be possible without an amazing music tent to let you feel the beat of the latest DJ hits. This new image was created from scratch to project a bit further the festival and attract new investors and exhibitors. Trivia: This project took six months divided in two distinguished phases, project and production. They were created almost 60 different products since a single paper flyer to cinema videos. Original name: "Fesmonte - Feira de Gastronomia e Atividades Económicas de Monte Redondo e Carreira" - Portugal 2014 Thank you for your support!


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FESMONTE - A brand with Soul