PX Automobilia is my personal playground for creation, sharing and exploration of the PixelArt language through classic car culture.

I got interested in PixelArt purely from chance. Being a fan of retro and vintage automobile art, I started exploring the iconic language of master illustrators such as portuguese Ricardo Santos, or the international Petrolified and Unique & Limited collectives. Not happy with the results, I decided to momentarily abandon the vector art style and try out a whole new language, one i've never touched: PixelArt.

After 3 test models (Ford Mustang MkI, TVR V8S and Toyota 2000GT) and 3 more advanced models (BMW M1, Ferrari 250GTO and Alpine A310) I decided to create a "brand" to patronize all these illustrations that were coming out, establishing them in the social networks and submitting them to competitions, with some success.

Initially dubbed Petrol & Square and more recently PX Automobilia, this project has become my personal playground for creation, sharing and exploration of PixelArt and automobile art in general.

As a result of this free mindset, coupled with the desire to exhibit my work outside the digital world, I signed up as an exhibitor at the biggest Classic Motorshow in Portugal: Caramulo Motorfestival. Since i was the new guy at this kind of exhibits, i had to step up the game, and saw a good opportunity to combine the project with another passion of mine: Gaming and SimRacing.

By combining the concept of PixelArt with Gaming (two inseparable worlds) through gamification, i could get an astronomical participation of the visitors, who could not only see and acquire PixelArt illustrations and merchandise, but also participate in the action and win products setting their best laps in the virtual races.

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PX Automobilia